Agriculture in Malawi by Tadala Banda

13 years old, Chankhasi School Malawi

This essay explains about Agriculture, especially what we learn in primary school in Malawi. In agriculture we cover many topics but here I will only explain more on soil composition, irrigation, fish pond and animal husbandry.

Although these topics are taught in primary school they are also covered in secondary school but there it is in more depth.

Soil composition. In this topic we learn that soil is made up of organic and inorganic matter, soil water and soil air. This topic helps a student to know the best soil that can suit different types of crops.

In Malawi there is a problem that most people who go to school do not become farmers. Most farmers do not have knowledge of soil composition. This problem leads to low agriculture production.

Another problem is that most lessons on this topic are just taught in class, learners do not go to the field to see this soil composition.

So the government of Malawi should find a way to teach most farmers about soil composition. The government of Malawi should help learners especially in schools in rural areas to do practical work.

Another topic we learn is irrigation. In this area we learn different methods of irrigation and  the importance of irrigation. Although we learn a lot in this topic, the problem is that most of the students after school do not practice that. Another problem is that lack of material for irrigation fails the program.

Our school, Chankhasi, is very close to the lake Malawi, just 200 meters. We also have rice gardens but we only learn it class not seeing how this is done.

Another topic is fish pond. In this area we learn how to raise fish, we also learn how to construct a fish pond and different materials we use.

The problem is that we only learn this in class. We only see a photo on a page of the book, but we do not practice it. If the government constructs fish pond at every primary school that will be helpful. 

Another topic is farm animals. In this area we learn more about animals that promote agriculture produce in Malawi. Although we have knowledge in this area most people in Malawi do not have animals that can help them.

In this essay we have seen the helpful topics we learn in Agriculture. The problem is that most of the work takes place in class, not in the field. My advice is that starting from primary school agricultural subjects should be taught both in class and the field.

If this is done, Malawi will be a hunger free nation.

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