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Issue 1

Issue 1 pdf and hard copy

Issue 2


The hidden time bomb of Microplastics

Insects Armageddon  – Is this the 6th mass extinction?

Freedom of speech

Student Articles and projects

Regulation of Integrin Alpha 6 in Relation to Myelination – An Exploration of Peripheral Nervous System Repair.    Rachael Gump

How accurate is the science of Ridley Scott’s 2015 movie ‘The Martian’? Jacob Rees

Do penguins keep warmer with lots of penguins around them, or is material better at keeping their heat in?  Sophie Knoyle and Chloe Coombs

What has more bacteria, a door knob or a toilet seat?  Evan Hobson and Rhys Gibbs

Discovering living light.  Heather Emberson-Marl

Beavers on the march.  Lucy Mooney


Microplastics – where they are and what damage do they do?  Dr Stephanie Matthews

Why study optometry at University?   Emma Cooney

The Darwin Experience.   Marten Lewis

The foundation of Sweden’s first learned society – The Royal Society at Uppsala.  Prof Eric Gylfe

Education in Malawi.  Andrew Banda

Welsh primary school links with University to learn about science.  Dr James Blaxland

Cardiff University rolls out School Science Club initiative. Prof Les Baillie, Dr James Blaxford, Dr Rhys Thomas

The International Society for Bioluminescence and Chemiluminescence at Nantes . Dr Valerie Morse

Curious People

Elvis Chidera

Joshua Maddocks

Science News

Book reviews

Advice for a Young Investigator  reviewed by Rachel Gump

Bioethics An Anthology Third Edition. Edited by Helga Kuhse, Udo Schuklenk, and Peter Singer. reviewed by Rachel Gump

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