Favourite science gifts

Let us know about your favourite science presents or favourite science gifts. Share your ideas with others around the world.

Dr Rip – Science of the serf

Amazing gift – tickets for a lecture on the beach by Dr Rob Brander, alias Dr Rip. At Warriewood, Dr. Rip – Science of the surf. Its on the 25th Jan and best of all its free! Can’t wait.

Simon,  Sydney NSW Australia

Editor – that sounds the perfect present. Anticipation, fun and free. Let us know how it went.


A microscope of my own

I am so lucky to have received a Brunel SP27 microscope for Christmas. It has its own power source so I can use it outside. Expensive at 240 euros but so worth it. Thanks Santa!!!

Yvette, Lyon France

Editor – Perfect to do a project to submit for publication


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