Mentor Young Darwinian

Mentor Young Darwinian

This is a flagship project based in Pembrokeshire, in west Wales, famous for its inspiring scenery and natural history.

Mentor Young Darwinian will inspire young people in Pembrokeshire, for the first time, to carry out and publish projects, in science, natural history, biomedicine, engineering, maths and entrepreneurship. We will work in partnership with the highly successful Darwin Centre, that we set up, and with other organisations that work with young people, such as youth groups, Tenby Museum, Pembrokeshire National Park, and the Field Study Centres at Orielton and Dale Fort. The aim is to spread this best practice nationally then internationally. This will therefore be an international flagship project for Pembrokeshire. Two motivated scientists/engineers will act as mentors. They will visit youth groups and schools, helping students choose, plan, carry out, and write up their projects. The mentors will also take them on field trips. Mentor Young Darwinian will therefore establish a training programme for a network of mentors. This will be a pioneer project, networking throughout Wales and the UK, using the established national STEM ambassador scheme, and then internationally through The Young Darwinian. Funding is being sort at present to facilitate this project.

Pembrokeshire also has amazing links with Charles Darwin. His family visited his cousins at Cressely, in south Pembrokeshire, their descendants still living there. Two families descended from officers on the Beagle also live in Pembrokeshire. TH Huxley spent his honeymoon in Tenby, writing to Darwin about the wonderful life in the rock pools and caves there. Pembrokeshire is therefore an ideal place to develop Mentor Young Darwinian.

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