Optical Illusions

Optical illusions

Were the lines were straight or crooked?

An illusion is when you see something, but what you see is not true.

Most people see bent lines but they are straight. Honestly!

Did the wheel turn?

How can that happen?

What is an illusion?

Differences between what the eye sees and the brain interprets is an illusion. What seems true at the moment turns out to be false. The best optical illusions make us think and challenge what reality actually is.

Why is my brain giving me wrong information?

You have little control over your brain and what it wants you to see. The brain is learning all the time. From the moment a baby first opens its eyes and sees light and motion, it is learning. By about four weeks a baby can make eye contact and begin to focus on close objects. By about three months a baby can see colours and focus on small objects. That’s an amazing feat of learning, making all those connections between the eye and the brain.

As the brain gets better at seeing things, it starts making decisions about what it sees, what it wants to filter out, and what is importantOur brains have evolved to identify patterns, to expect the expected and to help by filling in gaps.. The brain can edit the image without the owner of the brain even knowing about it.

This is how illusions are formed.

Do you control your brain, or does your brain control you?

Interesting question. What do you think?

Who studies illusions?

Psychologists, neuroscientists and magicians.

People have known about optical illusions for a very long time and used them to do magic tricks. We know how the brain makes some of them but by no means all. Research into how the brain works is finding out more all the time, and is a really interesting career to do.

Richard Gregory (1923-2010) was a brilliant psychologist and Professor of Neuropsychology at the University of Bristol. He saw the straight line/bent line illusion in the brickwork of a café on St Michael’s Hill in Bristol. It became known as the  ‘Café Wall’ illusion.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Gregory

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