Science news May 2018

Best city for University students named

For the first time, London has topped the charts as the best city for students to live and study, and this is despite the high cost of living there. It is inclusive and welcoming with more top class educational institutions than any other city. Tokyo came second and Melbourne third: tough competition indeed. Last year’s top place city, Montreal, slipped to fourth place. As usual, American universities dominated the academic rankings with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology topping the list.

Well done London


Aim high, think wide. A guide to the best universities in the world The Young Darwinian, issue 1, 33-34.

Livers that last longer

Do you think a liver, removed from the body, would survive better on ice or perfused with a physiological solution at body temperature? For the last 30 years, transplant livers have been preserved by the cooling method. A recent study of 220 transplants from the UK, Spain, Belgium and Germany has shown that in fact they survive better by the other method. More livers are available to transplant because the viability of the liver can be assessed before transplant, 50% fewer are discarded, and livers can be used from people who have died from a greater variety of reasons. Now that a ‘gold standard ‘ randomised control trial has been done, the protocol can be safely changed and more lives can be saved.


Nature vol 557 May 2018 pp50-56





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