The Spectacular Challenge: What is it? FAQ’s

FAQ’s about The Spectacular Challenge  

What is it?

Can I still submit other projects to The Young Darwinian?

Yes, they are welcome and we would love to hear about them. The journal is for all science, technology, engineering and Mathematics. Submit your project using the ‘submit’ on the front page of the site.

Do I have to do it on my own?

No, it can be done alone, with a friend, with a group of friends, with your class.

Can I get help?

Yes, ask a friend, a teacher, a parent, anyone to help. But you must acknowledge what help you have been given in your write-up.

Am I too young to do the challenge?

No one is too young, but young children will have to be supervised. This must be acknowledged.

Am I too old to do the challenge?

This challenge is for anyone up to 19years old or in full time education, pre-university.

How do I know how to search for and find micro plastic fibres?

Help available shortly, being prepared

Where can I get ideas from for other projects?

Check out the ideas section on the front  page.

How can I get information about how to make a microscope?

Help available shortly, being prepared

Where can I get lenses to make a microscope?

Do you or anyone in your family have glasses that they don’t use anymore? Ask if you can have them. DON’T take without asking first!!  If you live near Cardiff or Penarth, pop into your local Specsavers and they will give you a lens or two. Otherwise try your local optician, if you explain what it is for, I’m sure they will help. Lenses can also be obtained from use once and throw away cameras. These cost about £4-6.

Does it have to be written in English?

You can write up in any language but it will also have to be translated into English. Submit both language versions together. We can help to get your English translation right.

Why look for microplastic fibres?

Check out ‘The plastic blog’ on the front page. Microfibre plastic is invisible to the eye. It is polluting our food, land and water. We need to know how bad this really is. We want your help to do this.

Can I show my work at an event?

Yes. A meeting is planned for summer 2019 where your creations and projects will be exhibited. More information to follow.

Can I get my work published?

Yes. Submit on the ‘submit’ form on the front page for the opportunity to publish on line and/or in the hard copy of the journal, The Young Darwinian.

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