What is The Spectacular Challenge?

Answer – To look for micro-plastic fibre in our environment

Where?  EVERYWHERE !!!!!


You will need a microscope, so if you haven’t got one, 


What is a microscope?

How to set up a microscope

How to make a microscope

How to look for micro-plastic fibres

What is the best microscope to use?

Where can I get one?

Where to look?  Everywhere

Which country?  Every country

Want to find out more about the topics on the hand out?
hen check these out.

Optical illusions

Colour blindness

Did you see the coloured square when you closed your eyes?

Why did the grumpy face disappear?


How did you get on with the Spec-tacular audio quiz?

Have another go!


What direction does the music come from?

Happy and sad music






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