Weather in Malawi by Ronald Mvula

Weather in Malawi by Ronald Mvula  

Aged 14 years

Chankhasi Primary School, Malawi

This essay talks about weather in Malawi and it’s effect.

Weather is defined as a daily condition of a particular place for a short period of time. Weather in Malawi is under summer and winter. 

August, September, October, November, December and early January are very hot and sunny months while April, May, June and July are very cold, windy and cloudy months.

End of January, February and March are rainy months.

Weather in Malawi sometimes cannot be reliable. This affects agriculture production.  For example, rain may start as early as October and ends as early as February . Sometimes may also start late and ends early. 

Malawi depends very much on rainfall for its agriculture produce and agriculture is a main source of our economy. And when rainfall does not start at right time and ends at right time agriculture produce will be very low. This leads to hunger in many families. The country also loses money that it gets from the same.

In winter season, especially March, April, May, people experience coldness, but sometimes they may also experience hotness. So here one can see that it’s very difficult to predict weather.

Weather in Malawi affects education. Children who like hot conditions do not often go to school when there is high cold condition.

Many learners do not attend classes. If they attend they have to come very late or cover themselves with sweaters. 

In the hot season learners concentrate very little when it comes to studies while in the cold season learners concentrate very much. Looking at this situation the school management has to make sure that every child who comes to school needs to have a  sweater.

In other districts people also like cold conditions. When hotness comes they do not feel comfortable. 

In hot conditions people suffer from malaria very much while in cold conditions they do not suffer from malaria very much.

So here we can say that malaria is a  big problem where temperature is very hot unlike areas where temperature is very cold.

In Malawi in the months of June, July and early August people experience south-easterly wind (mwera wind). This is a very strong wind. 

The good side of this wind is that the clouds it accumulates when blowing bring rainfall sometimes. This gives hope to crops which are planted late due to late start of rainfall.

The bad side of it is that it kills many, especially fishermen on the lake Malawi.

In this essay we have seen what weather in Malawi is like, its effect on education, economy and lives of people.

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