What is ‘The Young Darwinian’ ?

‘The Young Darwinian’ is a journal and website which aims to provide an inspiring vehicle for students to publish their own work and ideas.

The current focus is on Microplastic fibres in the environment.

This is being channelled through “ The Young Darwinian Microplastic Challenge”.

 Further aims are:

  1. To link students together internationally, and with mentors.
  2. To help students with their career development.
  3. To give teachers and students ideas, to help them work with the curriculum more creatively.
  4. To give teachers the opportunity to learn about student projects in other schools and Universities.
  5. To enable students and teachers to learn how the education system works in countries other than their own.
  6. To give students access to information about entrepreneurship, and the private sector, in science and engineering.

The journal will include items based on STEM*, STEAM**, Entrepreneurship and Natural History.

*Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths, **STEM for the Arts,

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