The Young Darwinian journal is from The Welston Press Ltd.

ISSN (Print) 2398-2446; ISSN (Online) 2398-2454

The first issue, January 2018, is now available as a download.

Click here TYD Issue1

The answers to the crossword are also available. Click here CROSSWORD 1 answers


It is Diamond open access, i.e. free on line as a pdf to authors and readers


The printed version of The Young Darwinian journal will be available shortly from The Young Darwinian shop.




Here you will be able to download any issue of the whole journal, and individual articles.

The first issue of The Young Darwinian, January 2018, will be published shortly

Click here to download the pdf of the journal or individual articles

Here is the first article by Stephanie Matthews called Star Trek Science – how the imagination of 40 years ago is now a reality.

ART 2017_1

Here is another article by Anthony Campbell called ‘Curiosity inspires, Discovery reveals’

ART 2017_2

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