A rubbish quiz no. 1

Questions for A Rubbish Quiz number 1

1. Till receipts can be put in mixed kerbside recycling.   True/False

2.This symbol means the item can always be put into the mixed roadside recycling.   True/False

3.Black bin bags (empty) can be placed in the mixed kerbside recycling.  True/False

4.This symbol means that the item can be placed into the mixed kerbside recycling.   It is a Mobius loop with the number 1 inside.              True/False

5.Recycled plastic water bottles get made into new plastic water bottles.     True/False 

6.Can you recycle this is the mixed roadside recycling?   ( a styrofoam take away coffee cup). Yes/No


Give yourself a mark for each correct answer. This means the maximum score is 6 points.

6 –   amazing eco warrior

3-5  trying hard

1-3  Way to go, hope this will change your recycling efforts

Answers for A Rubbish Quiz number 1

1. False.   Most till receipts are made from shiny thermal paper and are not recyclable. They are also coated with bisphenol A (BPA) or bisphenol S (BPS).

2. False.   The Green Dot symbol is not a recycling symbol and does not indicate an object is recyclable.  It is a symbol from a European scheme and means that the manufacturer contributes towards the cost of recovery and packaging.

3. False.  

4. True. This is the sign that it is made from PETE ( Polyethylene Terephthalate) and can be widely recycled. 

5. False

6. No

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