Curious people

All scientists, engineers, mathematicians, natural historians and entrepreneurs are curious people. The starting point to any study is curiosity. It is this curiosity that sparks us into action. Here are some articles from Curious people, some of which have been published in The Young Darwinian. Let us know what makes you curious and we will put it on the web site.
Curiosity inspires, discovery reveals

Curious Josh

This is the tremendous story of a new young science teacher in Wales – Josh Maddocks. What made him curious and how he decided to become a teacher is an inspiration to budding young scientists, particularly those who are thinking of entering the teaching profession.

Curious Josh 

Curious Elvis

This is the amazing story of Elvis Chidera, a 19 year old young man who lives in Nigeria. When he was 12 years old, a family member gave him a phone, a Nokia 2690. This revolutionised his life, and inspired him to develop as an Android engineer.  Curious Elvis

Curious Chiara

     Chiara Pazzagli’s curiosity was first sparked by her parents when they lay in the garden watching the stars, and then by a petri dish that her father brought home. Read her full story.  Curious Chiara

Curious Sudha

 Thankiah Sudhahaharan first became curious about fireflies in India when walking with his mother to see his grandmother. He remains passionate about bioluminescence.  Curious Sudha

Curious Bill

 Bill Ward has been a Curious person all his life. It all started at school, and continued into a career in biochemistry. He became very curious about the green fluorescent protein in some jelly fish and sea pansies, which has had a revolutionary impact on biomedicine.Curious Bill

Curious Osamu

 Osamu Shimomura was lucky to escape the impact of the atomic bomb as her grew up in Nagasaki. From his teens he became very curious about bioluminescence. His pioneering work has had a huge impact on biomedicine.  Curious Osamu

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