Dr Darwin’s Curiosity Shop

Curiosity inspires, discovery reveals

How can a beetle squirt boiling liquid from its bum?

What is Og? Why is the number 118 relevant?

How could a new totally secure web be designed?

Why is freezing a sphere valuable to medical research?

Why is this jelly fish green?


Why do Darwin’s finches have different shaped beaks?


Who invented these?



Dr Niwrad showed his students that one half of eight was equal to three. He then showed that one half of nine equally four. Really??

  • If a bunch of positive integers adds up to 20, what is the greatest possible product of these numbers?
  • If four photocopiers can process 200 sheets in 2 hours, how long does it take 4 copiers to process 400 sheets?
  • Four dots are arranged in a square. Raw three straight lines , each line going through one or more dots. Start and end at the top left hand dot.