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List of project websites – June 2017

This is the Australian Government science website. Within this you can find amazing projects done by students through their Australian CREST scheme. It is also the home of a science magazine aimed at 8-13 yr olds called Double Helix. On

CREST = Creativity in Research, Engineering, Science and Technology (CREST)

Science Buddies is an excellent US site with many project ideas covering a wide range of ages and subjects.

Many ideas, most not requiring specialist equipment

Site of the California State Science Fair with summaries of projects completed. May give you ideas that can be developed into your own project.

A useful site from the Wellcome Trust with some project ideas, advice and articles about ethical research

Many good project summaries but most use specialist equipment and resources

Project ideas mainly for younger students but may spark an idea for a more in depth project

SBM June 2017

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